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M-Ofis Architects was established as an Architecture Design Office on 1997, and since then, pioneered by Sinan Timoçin and Serkan İğdelipınar, numerous architectural projects and buildings have been accomplished. 

M-Ofis Architects has internalized a basic principle of representing the buildings’ bond with its surrounding, climate and the cultural values by creating a simple and modern architectural design concept. At the same time, the aim is to design sustainable architectural work of arts in which function and aesthetics are united, as well as designing buildings that has positive contribution to the environment on which they are located. 

In accordance with the created design composition, every architectural building to be designed is sometimes meant to be a sign that defines its surroundings and to stand out as a landmark of the neighborhood, whereas sometimes it is aimed to adapt the building to the neighborhood with the help of a innovative and simple building element formed with following the mass ratios of the surrounding buildings. 

Since the day it was established, M-Ofis Architects has accomplished both architectural and interior designs of many buildings in a wide selection of fields including domestic and abroad offices, hotel buildings, residences, educational buildings, industrial buildings, and cultural buildings. Moreover, by being consultant and technical control, it has had an active part on materializing many buildings that are designed on paper.

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